The menu of pillows


ORTHOPEDIC MEMORY PILLOW OF ERGONOMIC FORM (30х50) — is for the care of your night comfort. The basic secret of this pillow — unique highly elastic foam “with memory”. Foam reacts to a body temperature of the person. Thanks to it foam pillow can “remember” body contours, as well as relieving painful sensations. It supports comfortable and healthy positions of a body, and also creates sensations of pleasant weightlessness.

DOWN PILLOW (50x70) — allows to create perfect conditions for a dream, fixing cervical department of a backbone and providing soft support for a head.

FEATHER AND DOWN PILLOW (50x70). High elasticity stuff provides performance of the basic pillow function — gives to cervical department of a backbone and to all upper part of a body of the person an opportunity to relax during the dream and rest. – HYPO-ALLERGENIC PILLOW MADE FROM SILICONE FIBER (50х70). Extra light filler, possessing unique heat-insulated characteristics, comparable with natural down. Promotes the heightened air exchange, keeping heat in cold weather and doesn’t prevent free circulation of the air in summer.

PILLOW “ANTISTRESS” WITH FILLER “ECOFIBER” IN THE COVER, MADE FROM THE FABRIC WITH SILVER THREADS, HYPO-ALLERGENIC (50х70). During the day up to 30 000 volt of a static electricity accumulates in a human body. As a result the sleep being one of the main means of restoration of physical health of the person can be interrupted. Carbohydrates serving as a basis for the silver threads, twisted into the structure of fabric covers, take away surplus of a static electricity from a human body. As a result the dream becomes more relaxed, and the organism is restored fast.

CAMEL WOOL PILLOW (50x68) — possesses heightened heat-insulated characteristics, thanks to a natural camel wool. It contains lanolin (animal wax) that favorably influences a skin, muscles, improve blood circulation. It does not cause an allergy, calms and takes off weariness. It is recommended for preventive measures and treatment of many diseases.

BAMBOO PILLOW (50x70). Thanks to its plant origin, filler is ecological, soft and has fine ventilating qualities. Besides, the bamboo fiber possesses heightened antibacterial characteristics: more than 70% of bacteria getting on it are destroyed naturally.

BUCKWHEAT PILLOW “BONE”. The roller is a massager for neck. Acts against an osteochondrosis of the upper department of a backbone, reduces arterial pressure, takes off weariness.

ORTHOPEDIC PILLOW FOR RELAXATION OF THE FEET. Provides full relaxation of shins muscles, support of knees and heels and maximum rest for the feet.

NATURAL LATEX PILLOW (50x70). Soft pillow of classical form. Latex is the unique natural material made from juice of a rubber tree — seringa. The latex pillow excellently supports head, a neck, promotes a relaxation of muscles, and possesses notable orthopedic effect. The latex pillow gives soft support to a head, and supports a neck in natural position on one level with the upper department of a backbone.

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